Key Areas

  • Network Design
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Cabling / Structured Wiring
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • VPN Connectivity
  • Cable Testing
  • Maintenance and Repair

TechSource understands the need for a reliable and secure network to run a successful business. We provide customers with transparent networks based on cutting edge technology, providing fast and efficient routing and switching, and install structured cabling components that will last for years to come. Our network engineers have the experience and knowledge to design and build a network infrastructure reaching beyond industry standards and your expectations. Whether you are a small business looking to connect a few computers to the internet or a large multi-location corporation, we can build a rock solid network for you at a price you can afford.

Computer networks can be complex and difficult to understand, but at their core, all networks exist to do one thing – facilitate communications. Your business depends on reliable connectivity to customers, vendors, and others on a regular basis. That is why every network cable we install is tested to meet industry speeds and reliability before we certify it. Our tests are performed by state-of-the-art equipment so you know the backbone of your system will be reliable for many years.

cisco switchesAfter wiring is in place, we look at the more complex side of networking - routing and switching. We can work with your internet service provider to setup your internet connection and any IP addressing requirements you may have. Once internet connectivity is established, we will work with you to design a robust local network to share files, create centralized backups, and integrate many other options including access into your local network from the outside world using VPN (virtual private network). At the heart of all our network designs and implementations is a deep understanding and unrelenting focus to prevent unwanted traffic and malicious attacks with specialized firewalls and other filters.

Our approach to successful network deployment comes from years of experience and planning:

Covered in the consulting process. Identify needs and define roles for TechSource and the Client.  Begin ordering and delivery of parts and supplies.

Install wiring and electronics and deploy network in test environment.  Test and certify all wiring and equipment.  Migration (if applicable from old network).

Maintenance / Support
Active monitoring of the network to ensure reliability and performance optimization.  Resolve any problems and expansions over time.